Who we are and what we do

We are the fourth generation of Swiss farmers pioneers in Argentina, composed by two families. Producing Chia and different crops for years. We are located at the north of Salta on the border with Bolivia, in the department of General José de San Martin, in the aptly region named Las Maravillas for the extraordinary composition of their soils. Known as the best place to grow chia, an area where frosting is not a problem. As major producers and one of the largest in Argentina, we create our brand and manufacture our product. With an analysis and survey of the market we can offer a product of high quality and purity that sets us apart. Our objective is to promote the consumption of healthy foods.

Our field / Nuestro campo Las Maravillas Chia plant / Planta de chia Our product / Nuestro producto Chia flower / Flor de chía Family / Familia
We strive to promote a nutrient that makes people live a healthier, happier life.
Our fields

Located in the region of Las Maravillas, department of General José de San Martin, Province of Salta, Argentina, only 20 km away from the border with Bolivia. The soils of the Chaco - Salteño where the Chia Plus farms are, have a very high percentage of organic matter (4/5%) and a unique level of phosphorus found in Argentine soils, ranging from 70 to 90 ppm (parts per million). Thanks to this, our crops don't require the use of fertilizers.

  • 7500 hectares in production
  • We process Chia in two high technology plants in the province of Salta

Located in the heart of the
Chaco - Salteño, Argentina.

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