The story behind Chia
A unique nutrient

The story

Before the conquest of America, the chia was a staple for the civilizations of Mexico and South America; cultivation was probably the third in economic importance, second only to corn and beans. Chia was cultivated 3000 years B.C., used by the Maya and Aztec ethnicities. Initially this seed was collected from wild plants. In the Spanish conquest, they domesticated it starting with the growing of this important seed.

Displaced by cereals provided by the Spanish, chia cultivation disappeared during the colonies and today is refloated in the rich soils of northern Argentina since 1990.

Chia in your diet

In your salads

Spread the seeds in your salads, making food more nourishing without affecting the taste.

To start the day

In your breakfast. Spread the seeds on your toast and jam, cereals, yogurt and bowls of fruit.

In any way

You can cook bread, pizzas, puddings and any kind of food with chia, making your food more nourishing

Nutricionista / Nutrician - Andrea Rochaix (MN 1506)

Our nutricionist

Andrea has a degree in nutrition, Founder of Ideas Nutricionales. Founding Partner of Natural Snack Foods. Advisor for food companies. Member of the Ministry of Health from Argentina. Coordinator of the Work Group Communication and Education and 2nd Secretary of the work group of Pediatrics and Nutrition of the Argentine Society of Nutrition. She works every day to give society a better feed and nurture healthy and wholesome food for a better quality of life.

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